Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 6-5-10

FISHING 6/5/10

Summer, warm and warmer, big bright sun and yes it will rain at some area this afternoon while the sun is still shining. If you are going to spend time on the water start early, you want to catch the coolest water of the day and that is just as the sun is rising.

Off shore was hit or miss, we had a lot of species on the list just not that many anglers. Bottom anglers had to play with cold water up welling depending on the area, trollers spent most of their time looking and live bait anglers are still waiting. The cold water on the bottom was a clue to pay attention to those leads, when you cranked them up just how cold were they? If they were cold you needed to move, in or out north of south but find some warm water. Had some nice catches of Muttons and Grouper the Mangroves were thick but you needed to find the warm water and it was not south. Kings were in sixty feet from Jupiter to Ft. Pierce it was the first response, Kings in 60’ on sardines, mid column. Dolphin started the week in numbers as the week progressed they scattered. Nice weed lines, lots of bait, some small Dolphin but the bigger fish headed for cooler water. Sails were every where up close and far out, summer fishing. Did you try up close, when fishing slows most anglers will run deep, try shallow, 20” to 40” that’s where the Cobia , Permit, big Jacks, Tarpon and a few other serious rod benders were located. Permit or Cobia on the grill, sounds good to me.

Surf anglers the Tarpon are moving up the beach, look at the bait schools are they scattering, swimming in and out, that usually means some one is following them and it most likely will be the big Jacks or Tarpon. Serious rod benders, do not take a knife to the gun fight, if this is your target be prepared. Lots of Whiting so do not forget a bucket of ice and yes Snook like them as much as I do, know season on the Whiting but Snook is closed. A few Blues early, a few Pompano but not enough to target.

River anglers you need to be on location as the sun rises, Trout, Reds, Tarpon and Snook are all there. Tarpon were at the Stuart causeway, Dolphin grill channel and on the west side across from the power plant in good numbers and they were eating which is even better. Slot Trout and slot Reds for that early angler across the Flats but after sun up these fish will move to deeper water, shaded water and place they can get out of the sun. Triple Tail are the only fish you will catch sunning them selves on any channel marker, cast a shrimp at them. Low light is the time ot be in the water for most action, bridge anglers you have the shaded water.

Yes, I like it hot, it is Florida………………………………………………………………………..HENRY

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