Friday, June 18, 2010

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 6-18-10

FISHING 6/12/10

Bright sun and warm temps it is summer, anglers need to fish early or late for the best bite. Please be on location as the sun comes up. The coolest part of the day, the coolest water and that is when the fish are feeding. Off shore the king fish bite has been excellent if you are fishing early or late, low light, big Kings. These fish have been in the thirty pound class, sixty to eighty feet of water using sardines, cut, dead, whole and live are all getting attention. A few Cobia but most anglers are not targeting them, twenty to forty feet of depth and most are fishing from eighty feet out. Small boaters looking for the Permit have found both from the inlet to the power plant. Dolphin, small and plenty of them, run baits deep the reason they are all up is because something big is under them. Big Dolphin eat little Dolphin and they did find a few bigger fish lurking below the schoolies. These fish were found in the hundred to one hundred and fifty feet, the deeper one fished the bigger the fish but far less numbers. Plenty of Bonita and some good size Black Fin Tuna kept most busy and yes the pesky Sail fish were every where. When releasing these fish bring them in the boat then put them back, you will not see the Shark that wants your catch and he can not see your hand, careful.

For the surf anglers it was Whiting, Croakers, Jacks and Snook, the Tarpon are still just out of casting distance. Whiting and Croakers do not mind the sun, they like the warm water so they are around all day. No special time for these but the Snook and Jacks like them also, the Jacks are big and the Snook are out of season, Release them as quick as possible. Be sure to bring that bucket of ice to keep your catch as fresh as possible. Now if you want to wade into the surf and cast a live mullet out you will stand up a Tarpon or two, bring the right equipment, no knife to a gun fight.

River anglers timing is every thing, wading or boating early is the key. Watch the shallows you will see the action zones, top water early. Zara Spooks, Top Dog, Skitter walk to name a few, as long as it rattles and splashes it will get attention. Bigger Trout and good size Reds are the target and there is plenty of good catch’s reported. After the sun is up and the water has warmed look to the shaded or dark waters, the fish want out of the sun. Docks, bridges, treed shore lines and deep water is where they will be. Now is the time to get the soft rubber baits out of the box and put them to work, slow presentation. Be sure to check out the channel markers, drift up, motor off, the Triple tale love the sun shine and channel markers, a live shrimp will get them. Tarpon at the power lines, at the Stuart causeway, the channel at the Dolphin Grill are all favorite hang out for these fish and small baits are getting their attention. That little Pompano jigging spoon is the one.

Till next week, lots of water on the boat, sun screen, long sleeves and polarized sun glasses, mandatory………………..HENRY

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