Thursday, July 22, 2010

Apalachicola Fishing Report 7 22-2010


Photo of Rob Wilkins holding a redfish he caught yesterday with Capt. David Heinke

Today at 6:00 pm NOAA will have made smaller the federal waters closed in the Gulf of Mexico - This is a step in the right direction folks! We are so very fortunate not to have been literally affected by spilled oil yet, although we have felt the effects of the threat of oil. But I'm not going to talk about that now!

Lets talk about the good news instead! How would you feel getting back to the dock from a Bayfishing trip this week with Capt. Jr. Holland or Capt. Kelly Butler after having caught 75 to 150 fish? Or what about jumping that first ever Tarpon on a fly rod? It's just as exciting to hook up & jump your 10th or 50th fish! Our anglers have had a great summer so far and it's not over yet! All things considered, we don't even get started on the fall fishing patterns until after the middle of September or so. Until then we'll be catching sharks & tarpon, redfish & trout, and everything in between.

And speaking of Fall fishing, if you stayed away this summer for fear of the worst, why not come on down and stay a week or so and do some Redfishing in cooler weather with us? We are looking forward to a good fall season and plan to be plenty busy. Group trips are already booking up.

Please keep Gulf Coatal Communities in your thoughts & prayers and our fresh, safe seafood on your dining room table!

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