Monday, July 12, 2010

Oil Spill Non Event For Key West

My Thoughts on the Oil Spill and Key West Fishing forecast.. June 1 2k10

I am in touch with many folks that are "in the know" concerning the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill tragedy in the Northern Gulf. Just today I was told that the closure for federal fishing will be moved 40 miles to the East toward the pan handle of Florida, still not affecting us here in Key West, however a significant time stamp to show that this thing is still growing.

This weekend BP was going to try and do a top kill program to stop the leak or slow it down. This was a failure. Now it looks like the leak will continue till August. As we all know this may be a problem for areas South of the oil spill.

Here is what I know. The Loop current did not "eddie up" like we thought it would. It still could do this but the latest report this am showed the current reforming to make a loop from the Yucatan through the Gulf and back into the straights. This is still a NON EVENT immediately for Key West. I think from what I have learned the event will be East and South of us as the portion of the current that comes by the Key West and Dry Tortugas Area is WAY West and has a Southerly trajectory moving the possibility of Oil in tar ball form past and around us.

IF and I say IF>.. The oil does affect us down here, we are told that it will be in the form of Weathered Tar Balls. This is not the end of our fisheries, our coral reefs our world here in Key West This is a very manageable situation and NOTHING like what is happening in LA right now on their shore lines. However, with the misleading news sources we have seen so far it may be the slowing of tourism for a while.

Tar balls will not affect the fishing or the scenery here in Key West should they come. The best thing to do is keep in touch with us for further developments. We are telling everyone the truth about what we know..

Fishing Wise... We expect more of the same.. Plenty of fish, lots of great weather and a busy month ahead. Look for the offshore dolphin bite to get a bit smaller fish but more of them. The wrecks will hold permit all summer long. The tarpon will be here till the first of July then our year round fish will keep us entertained through the fall into November. The reef bite for snapper and grouper should stay red hot and the full moon will improve that for the spawning periods.

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