Friday, July 16, 2010

Jensen Beach Fishing Report 7-10-10


            Beautiful weather, warm temps, and flat water, can it get any better?  Lake Atlantic was very kind to anglers, one to two foot seas and that would be big, so every body was out and the catch list was long.  So was the list of boats, lot of boats and a few fish each but it was a beautiful week end.  The Black Fins were out in 250’ and some were of good size, trolling small feathers. Problem was after three the forth was eaten buy a shark, the fight and the run drew the sharks to the area, solution bring in the lines and move on.  Dolphin were all small, two here and two there, not a bunch but they were out there, again the man in the gray suit shows up. Kings were in sixty feet, a lot in the twenty pound class eating sardines and the sharks were with them. Mutton and Yellow Tail Snapper kept the reef anglers busy, Amber Jacks to test your equipment and again sardines top the bait list.  Not a lot of fish per boat but enough. Lots of comments on Sharks both inside and out, look before you reach out for that catch, look before you put your hands on that leader, we get upset when we loose a catch but you are in his house, careful. Action zone was 80’/125’ both north and south of the inlets, baits were not a problem, just lots of boats. Please give every body lots of room, pay attention to what in front of you.

          Inlets and beach were busy, lots of Whiting, Snook, Tarpon, big Jacks, just a lot of fish that will test your equipment.  Lots of good size Whiting on small pieces of shrimp, bring that bucket of ice you want to keep your catch as fresh as possible. Now about the Snook, if that is your target take the barbs off the hooks and if the fish takes the bait deep cut the leader and let them have the hook.  These fish are after the Whiting, they are your toes, Yozuri crystal minnow, D.O.A Bait Buster, Gulf Stream Red Tail Hawk will find the fish and plenty of them; take the barbs off the hooks.  Slide them across the bottom, fish in the trough or put that little Whiting back where you caught it and hang on. Tarpon have been south of Bath Tub beach, and the south Jetty in Ft Pierce, big fish, do not bring a knife to the gun fight.

           Trout fishing early has been excellent, lots of nice fish on top water lures or a shrimp on a popping cork, knee deep. Bite is early, before sun up till maybe mid morning.  Fish the grass edges; work your bait down that line from Bear Point south to Boy Scout Island, early, low light.  Late morning look deep, the channel edge, four feet, work your bait slow across the bottom.  Tarpon, low light, cross roads north to the Stuart causeway, north side of the Jensen causeway and Mud creeks are holding fish and I have no idea why there is none in between. But plenty of big Jacks every where in between so do not set your equipment down.  Fishing has been good but you have to fish early, low light and cooler water is the key.

           So where is the camera????????

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