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Jensen Beach Fishing Report 6-27-10

FISHING 6/27/10

Ninety degrees all day with temps dropping to eighty five at night, I love this place. High temps may be good with me but not so sure about the fish. Summer months you will have to plan your trips to a more comfortable time, like dawn, as a matter of fact you need to watch the sun come up.Fishing inside or out fish the coolest water you can, that’s when the fish will be feeding.

Surf anglers reported that even the Whiting were a cast out, but good size Whiting worth the cast. Still some grass in areas but just not as thick. A piece of shrimp will find all the Whiting and a small Whiting will find the Snook, Tarpon and big Jacks that are there for the early angler. Even that surf edge has heated to the point the fish are holding just beyond the trough. Lots of Crabs in the area and yes they do make good bait, a dollar size crab on a 5/0 hook tied to a fifty pound leader is a “Snickers” bar to a Tarpon or Snook, so bring that extra rod. If you plan on staying please reapply that sun screen. Snook fishing on the beach has been excellent, barbless hooks that are the secret to a quick release.

Off shore it was pesky Sail fish and Bonita all week then the week end and wind and a 3to 5 added a little sport to the game. Bait was not an issue till the week end and that full moon, well what can I say. Sails and Bonita were the only game in town from fifty feet out eating any thing you put in the water, then the week end and it was Black Fin Tuna, the Sails disappeared the Bonita slowed but we had a few Dolphin make the catch list. Surface temps are high and I would swim my baits even run a few deep looking for that comfort zone, take dinner to the fish from 50’ out. Had two anglers in looking for Bonita at the Sand Pile and all they could catch were Cobia, no sympathy here. Had one other in looking for Sails, we told him no problem, all he caught was Dolphin and Black fins in 80/125’ slow trolling Bally hoo again no sympathy. The only thing we were able to call were the Tarpon and Permit at the Boils on crabs, well I two right for the week end. These fish have been there for a few days, you might want to check them out, so where is the sun screen.

River anglers I know if you are watching the sun come up you are catching, fishing north or south you are catching. Plenty of Trout, Jacks, Snook and Tarpon to name a few, live baits or top water have been doing their job. Stay in the channel and watch for activity, lots of bait in the river, fish the outer edge of the activity, not a problem. After the sun is up now you will have to look for shaded water or deeper water. Fish any channel or work a dock from deep to shallow, soft rubber baits with a swim tail presented slowly. Fish the channel in the middle of our river that is where the fish go, just fish slow and if you feel any bump set the hook. When the water gets this warm the fish will pick up the bait not attack it, slow Down. Now if any body sees a Red Fish give me a call.

This is a great area with lots of water and yet not many fish at night, one evening go for a ride, visit any bridge. Many of the docks in the area are lit, all the bridges have lighting and until you have watch a Tarpon roll with those big eyes. Big eyes, yes they eat at night and it is cool and the fish are about, try it you may find it a lot cooler and very productive.

Till next week, where is the sunscreen??? HENRY

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