Friday, July 09, 2010

This Week's Report

In my last report, near-shore water temperatures were cooling down, and I had the feeling the cold water Labrador Currents were moving in.  Well, what a difference a week makes, because it appears that we were only experiencing a brief influx of cold water.  The water temperatures have returned to normal summer levels (above 80 degrees) in most areas off of the beaches with a few cold pockets remaining.  Along with the return of the warm water, huge pods of pogies (Atlantic menhaden) are on the beach and pods of greenies (threadfin herring) are in deeper water (30 to 40 foot range) and the gamesters are right there with them.

king mackerel

Kirk's Frisky Beach KingfishKirk's Frisky Beach Kingfish

Over the holiday weekend, the cobia were thick in the deeper water surrounding the shoals with many boats returning with their limits and big fish as well.  In the 20 to 40 foot depth range, the kingfish, bonita, sharks and tarpon were plentiful and feisty, and the big tarpon were on the beach in good numbers.

king mackerel

Rick Fowler's Respectable KingfishRick Fowler's Respectable Kingfish

On all three of the charters I had last week, we caught kingfish, sharks and bonita, and jumped big tarpon on each trip, but we were 0 and 12 in getting a solid hook into one of the silver kings. In addition to warm water and good numbers of fish, flat seas and cloudy dry conditions made for some great fishing.

In the lagoons, the redfish have begun to school up for their late summer spawn, and if you know where to look, you will find fish.  Also, the black mullet have returned in such great numbers it's hard to imagine that there are any hungry fish left out there. None the less, the sea trout, ladyfish and bluefish bite has off the hook fishing DOA CAL baits under a popping cork fished on the deeper edges of the flats in 3 to 4 feet of water.

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