Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jensen Beach Tarpon Are Everywhere

FISHING 7/17/10

          Tarpon in the river, inlets, surf it seems they are every where, why not it is their time.  At times they will eat what ever is in their way, and then there are the days where you can not get a look.  Look to go down in size, throwing that Crystal Minnow, look to the next size down, 3 ½” or if you are using the DOA bait buster try the small TerrorEyz, all your favorites come in a small size and that may be the secret.  With these small baits and heavy leaders a loop knot is mandatory or the bait just will not work.  These little baits can not pull the bigger leaders, that loop will let them work with out pulling the leader.  Tarpon at the Jetties, at surf edge north of FT.Pierce, south of Bath Tub to the Inlet, playing in the Cross Roads, plenty of them and the early hour seems to be most productive.

           At the surf plenty of big Whiting chased by plenty of big Snook.  If there is no action at the beach site you have chosen move, north or south because you will find them.  These fish have been there into the late morning a little piece of shrimp will find them.  If your target is Snook take the barbs off the hooks and go fish, please release them in the water.  Heard about a few Blues this week and some nice Snapper off the Hobe Sound beach, one thing they all had in common was the time, early.

            River, fish early or low light, water is warm and clear up my way.  If you can see them they can see you, long cast early using top water after sun up move to the channels.  Lots of slot Trout, small Reds, plenty of Snook and the good thing is that they have been hungry, breakfast.

           Bonita and more Boneheads, if you can get bait through them one may find a fish. Seas were not to polite this week with 3 to 4 being called all week with a strong east wind just maybe some Dolphin will blow our way.  For the moment most anglers were going deep looking for the Black Fins, playing with a few small Dolphins and coming in with King Fish of medium size, perfect for the grill.  Good Mutton bite for the bottom anglers, Cobia swimming around the boats, but not eating and this was reported from several locations.

          Yes, summer makes me lazy and the fish feel the same way……till next week where is the sun blocker??

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